A private community membership dedicated to helping you shed your shit and live your best life with Heidi as your #1 Hype Gal.


Hey Squad, I’m Heidi Anderson a Women’s Empowerment Coach and ex radio chick whose soul mission is to help women find LOVE within themselves and STOP giving a fuck what people think. 

This monthly membership was born after leading a hugely successful FREE 10 day Shed Your Shit challenge which 2500 women completed, that then led to a rocking FOUR week online program Shed Your Shit… and after receiving insane amounts of awesome feedback from the members, that they wanted more from me…The Shed Your Shit Squad membership was born. ðŸ˜

Over the last ten years, I’ve been educating myself through people, books, podcasts, mentors and coaches working hard to overcome my demons. I once hated everything about myself; I had no confidence, and every day I woke up believing I wasn’t good enough. It’s taken me ten years to get to where I am today, and I will always be a work in progress. THIS IS NOT A DIET COURSE OR A BAND-AID. You have to do the work, and you will be a work in progress forever.

I don’t want to fix you; because you are not broken. ðŸ’• This is just one of the many steps I’ll be helping you with during your self-love journey. I can’t wait to see YOU on a weekly basis and share all my guides, tips and steps to self-love with you!

Heidi x

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FIVE YEARS ago, I was alone in my own head and hating myself.

Today, I am happy, I love myself AND I have created the Shed Your Shit Squad Membership just for YOU!

Do you find it hard to look in the mirror?

Are you constantly saying “I’ll be happy when…

I’ve lost weight.

When I get that job.

When I find a partner.

When my anxiety is gone."

Is your brain on constant repeat, telling you that you aren’t good enough?

What if you could have it all now?

Are you ready to start treating yourself with LOVE and RESPECT?

We say NO to diets and quick fixes and YES to working on our mindset with a bunch of like-minded legends.

I'm ready, sign me up


Weekly Coaching with Heidi

Have Heidi as your #1 hype girl and coach to guide you with weekly LIVE coaching calls every Monday to start your week right

Monthly Mindset Training

Get access to Heidi's self-love and mindset homework and audio training to keep on track with your journey of self love and confidence

Private Community Support

Be involved in a community of like minded women who have your back and will support you on this epic journey of self discovery.

Imagine what could change for you if you had a Hype Girl in your corner...

In the SHED YOUR SHIT Membership, you'll get access to:


✨Weekly 30min LIVE group coaching every Monday - we will kick start the week together so you can SLAY your mindset and life.
✨ Heidi’s weekly self-love & mindset homework - downloadable PDFs with actionable tasks that will keep you moving forward month after month (this will be sent to your through your inbox every week)
✨ Weekly resources - I'll be sharing my favourite resources with you that I usually only get to share with private clients (including books, podcasts, products, tools and more!)
✨ Monthly audio training - exclusive mindset trainings with Heidi released each month to help you blast through emotional baggage and deepen your self-love.
✨ A community of like-minded women - share your journey with women who get it! Build friendships and stay motivated with group accountability and inspiration!

✨ EXCLUSIVE Member-Only Discounts to my online/in-person events.
✨ Mates rates - bring your mates into the membership and get discounts on your own membership!

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📢 Hear What Other Ladies Have To Say


"Before the course, I was a spiraling mess. Constantly feeling like the world was on my shoulders and putting enormous pressure on myself to look, feel, think and perform a certain way. I never took the time to truly put myself first and to consider what makes me happy... and sadly that's due to me feeling that I didn't deserve too.

But that stopped, when I enrolled in Heidi's '4 Week, Shed your Shit' Challenge. Heidi gave me the skills to address what has been holding me back, to know that no one can validate my self worth, and to realise that I AM ENOUGH!

In an atmosphere of trust, support and no judgement, you are surrounded by like minded people that are just like you... desperate to shed their shit and regain their lives back! I am so grateful that I mustered up the courage to enroll, because this truly has changed my life and I know it's just the beginning! THANK YOU HEIDI â¤ï¸"


"Where do i start haha firstly never thought id get to meet Heidi in person and when I did she is even more raw and beautiful and the crazy hype girl I signed up for!

The last four weeks have honestly been the most amazing four weeks I have cried laughed sung and even danced around my bedroom in my undies haha 🤣 The course allows you to open up and be vulnerable with yourself, you learn how to change those negative nellys into positive pollys. I've met the most amazing people in the course and will share a connection with them forever. My self love journey would never have started without Heidi ❤️ I have so much love for this crazy lady and this course she has designed ! and for the first time in my 29 years of life I am soooo proud to stand tall and actually look myself in the mirror and say this is me ❤️ Thanks Heidi xx!"


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you are doing. I can't say I know exactly what it is, but whatever it is please continue and please don't ever stop. My beautiful sister got me involved in your 4-week shed your shit challenge, and although I was silently taking part, I was able to watch my sister become a more confident and happier person. That was in 4 weeks. She is now continuing on to have you as her hype queen, and holy shit â¤ï¸ I couldn't be more proud and inspired by her. She took part in your beach shoot on Saturday, and when I saw her yesterday she was glowing. I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for helping my sister get her sparkle back, and for being sunshine in the shit show that is 2020.

I'm a fan, because she is a fan. Love your work."


"This is me!! I love this song, it is absolutely my anthem and tonight actually dancing around listening to all of the lyrics i noticed one lyric i had never heard before and i felt the tears coming "There's nothing I'm not worthy of" so much feels.

One thing that i have just realised is that for so long i just didn't feel like i belong anywhere but not only do i feel like i actually belong, i feel so connected to this beautiful community. And can i just add i can not wait to move into my new place because dancing around in my undies left me feeling so free i think I've found my new after work ritual 🤣❤️ (my housemate will be glad i wait until I'm in my new place to start dancing around the house in my undies 🤣🤣)"


"I'm proud that I'm being true to myself. I've reached point where I'm not afraid to be me. My whole life I've got messages from my family that I have to change myself to be loved. To look a certain way, behave a certain way and although I started peeling back the layers earlier this year in the last 3 weeks I have really just done away with all the shit that doesn't serve me anymore. I still have bad days but there are less and less of them. I know that I may not fit in, some may think I'm a loud mouth but that's me. I'm always gonna be me and I'm actually proud of who I am regardless of what others think. Let them gossip, let the be rude and let them exclude me - if they don't get me they are not my peeps!!!!"

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