How to STOP saying "I hate myself"?

This is the brain diet 🧠 helping women with anxiety and negative body image get bikini “ready” in 6 weeks.

 If you’re sick of looking in the mirror and saying things like…

I hate myself

I’m ugly

I'm fat

I'm disgusting

My thighs are too big or small

My scars are horrible

I wish I was skinner

I wish I was bigger

I’ll be happy only when I feel confident in a bikini...

Are you ready to fuck these hang-ups off in 2020 and show YOUR amazing self the LOVE & KINDNESS you deserve? 🥊

What you get over 6 EPIC weeks:

✨ Me as your HYPE GAL for 6 weeks in the lead up to summer

✨ 6 x 90 min Live Group Interactive Coaching Calls*

✨ 6 x Expert Guests join us over 6 weeks

✨ Exposure Therapy

✨ Shed Your Shit Playlist

✨ Self-love, Care and Mindset Homework

✨ Shed Your Shit Educational Resources List

✨ An Amazing Sisterhood in our Facebook Community

 *replays will be available

We start getting bikini ready on Monday, 5th October 👙🙌

💛 WEEK 1

The Brain Diet – delve into diet culture, confront our mean girl and understand our inner thoughts. We will debunk diet culture and the bullshit lies you’ve been telling yourself that you only can wear a bikini if you have a perfect body. It’s all about mindset and strategies – this is the brain diet.

💚 WEEK 2

Diet starts Monday is something you will never say again. This week is all about understanding HOW to listen to your body and learn to eat intuitively.

💙 WEEK 3

Exposure therapy – we will confront our past beliefs and the words we have been saying to ourselves and step outside our comfort zones.
It’s time to change the story. You won’t be able to escape the lies you tell yourself. We will make them known and bust them open.

💜 WEEK 4

Movement & Meditation for mental health – this week is all about coming home to yourself and learning how to move your body for JOY. We will teach you how to find that inner peace you’ve been searching for and show you how quietening your mind can help you get bikini ready.

💗 WEEK 5

SAY YES – this week is all about saying YES to yourself and doing something every day that scares you.


💝 WEEK 6

Celebrate yourself & let it go – learn who you were before they told you who to be. We will learn how to celebrate ourselves and we will be taught how to express ALL our emotions and let that shit go!!



✨ Lifetime access to Shed Your Shit 4-week Course
including: 8 Video Training and 6 Guided Meditations
✨ Lifetime Access to the Free 4-Day Challenge Shed Your Shit Video Workshops
with Christian Hull, Tracey Spencer, Allira Potter & Jess Keogh

 Total Value of $1497

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We are celebrating everyBODY ❤️

Stretch marks are normal.⁣

Tiger stripes are beautiful. ⁣

A mum tum is a badge of honour - your baby’s first home. ⁣🏠

Your scars tell a story.

Your weight doesn’t define you.⁣

You are enough, just as you are.

These 6 weeks is all about YOU

EveryBODY has a story & everybody deserves to be celebrated for all its glory. I am obsessed with making a difference in your life & our mission over these 6 weeks is for you to SHED those old stories & be the change.

Each week, we will bare parts of ourselves that we have covered & hated for years.

If you no longer want to waste time hating on yourself & you are ready to celebrate your beautiful imperfections then this is for you.

EveryBODY needs to be loved!

EveryBODY has a story to tell.

This is your time; we get one life...that’s it!

Then your time here is done.

The time is now.

Let’s fuck these hang-ups off in 2020 & show our amazing selves the LOVE & KINDNESS we deserve.

EveryBODY has rolls when they sit, so fuck it,

A quote I live by, “To lose confidence in one's body is to lose confidence in oneself. Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live in. To love yourself as you are is a miracle, and to see yourself is to have found yourself, for now.

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Get Bikini Ready

EveryBODY has a bikini body and I want to show you. ✨